To Thine Own Self Be True – Know Yourself – Trust Yourself

I have mentioned in the past that I don’t believe in coincidences. Things happen for a reason and when we take time to reflect, very often the reasons become known. More on that in a later blog. I do, however, believe in consequences. Everything we do, everything we don’t do, everything we say, everything we don’t say, what we wear, how we act all count greatly in what and how we learn and the results we achieve, both good and bad. Now I don’t want you to go all mental on me and have your activities in life become worrisome. We are in charge of our own destiny and with a proactive approach great things can happen. The following few blogs are suggestions on the approach you can take.

Tenets To Live By:

To Thine Own Self Be True – Know Yourself – Trust Yourself

“Who are you and where do you come from?” How many times have you heard that question? Sounds crazy but do most people really know themselves, or for that matter, wish to know themselves. By know yourself, I mean do you have a clear vision of who you are, what makes you tick, what is your foundation, who do you want to become, why you want to become that person, when is it going to happen, how are you going to accomplish it and are you willing to invest your time, your talent and your treasury to become that person. So I ask you again, “Who are you?” I personally think we all have room to better understand ourselves.

While you are on your journey of knowing who you are, it bides the question, do you trust yourself? No matter the answer, I ask again,” Do you really know yourself?” Allow me to try and explain. If you were in a particular situation, could you guarantee the outcome? Let’s take something easy. I love playing golf. It gives me the opportunity to be in a serene, peaceful venue and challenges you to find your personal, one true swing. The club most used on a golf course is your putter. We spend hours hitting our driver for distance and minutes practicing with the club that you will use over twice the number of times you hit your driver, and that’s being conservative.

Now, let’s talk about trusting yourself. If you had a 3 foot putt, could you guarantee me that it would go into the hole? If there was $1 million on the line of you making that putt, would you still have the same guarantee. The more we learn and know about ourselves, the more we learn to trust ourselves and the more we are able to trust ourselves the more confidence we have to achieve great results. Nobody makes 100% of 3 foot putts but the closer we get to that percentage the stronger your game becomes. My percentage is about 96%. If I have a longer putt than 3 feet, then all I need to do is get the ball inside the the size of a garbage can cover and I have a great chance of making the second putt. Think of what my game would be like if I could make the same percentage on 10 foot putts. Also, In trying to get inside the 3 foot circle, the ball goes into the hole about 13% of the time. So, continually work on knowing yourself and trusting yourself.

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