How Your Wardrobe Impacts Your Leadership Skills

Your outfit reflects your style and significantly influences how you present yourself as a leader. Taking pride in your attire boosts confidence and enhances your ability to lead effectively. Here are five reasons why having pride in your outfit contributes to confidence in your leadership. Dressing appropriately and professionally communicates your dedication to your roleContinue reading “How Your Wardrobe Impacts Your Leadership Skills”

How to Add Extra Effort in Work

Effort is the will to attempt to do something. It’s the first step to performing a task that determines your success. While success isn’t always guaranteed, effort is entirely within your control. Many successful people often talked about putting in the “extra mile” if they wanted something. Effort sounds like a lot of work, andContinue reading “How to Add Extra Effort in Work”

The Important Keys to Building Relationships At Work

Another skill they don’t necessarily teach you in school is building relationships. While your job may provide some basic training to ensure you get the job done, there are some skills that only you can learn from experience and time. One of these skills is building relationships at work. Whether it’s connecting with a customer,Continue reading “The Important Keys to Building Relationships At Work”

Tips to Avoid the Turkey Buzzards in Your Workplace

A turkey buzzard or a turkey vulture is a scavenger that uses its keen sense of smell to find fresh carcasses for food. Many of these animals have become accustomed to living near humans and snacking off their garbage. You can find them in farm fields or hanging out near the road, where they’ll feastContinue reading “Tips to Avoid the Turkey Buzzards in Your Workplace”

Essential Skills They Don’t Teach You In School

Growing up, parents always encouraged their children to study and do their best in school. Aside from academics, children must also do well in extracurriculars like sports and art. However, only a few students can succeed academically or as athletes or artists. Many people end up being average performers in school but still manage toContinue reading “Essential Skills They Don’t Teach You In School”

How to Ennoble Instead of Empower

Many managers and team leaders often talk about empowering their employees. Empowering someone in their work means giving them the authority or power to do their jobs. However, what about taking things further? In this case, why not ennoble them instead? To ennoble someone in work, one must elevate or exalt someone in their position.Continue reading “How to Ennoble Instead of Empower”

How to Show Honest and Intelligent Effort

We sometimes don’t always exert our best effort in work. While many would like to say they’re “trying their best,” the reality is that sometimes we don’t always feel like doing our best. Regardless of the circumstances, we are responsible for performing our tasks at work to the best of our ability. While asking someoneContinue reading “How to Show Honest and Intelligent Effort”

Finding Out Your Defining Moments

We all have good and bad moments in our lives. Throughout our limited time here on earth, finding someone who didn’t have a few defining moments that changed their life would be hard. A defining moment is an unforgettable occurrence in your life that changes the way you are and how you act. These momentsContinue reading “Finding Out Your Defining Moments”

Reasons Why Your Family Is Your Foundation

It’s no secret that the family is the foundation of society. While numerous institutions are essential to our society’s future, nothing could replace the security and stability that a family can provide. While every family is different—some being more stable and secure than others—it’s hard to ignore the family’s impact on an individual’s growth. FamiliesContinue reading “Reasons Why Your Family Is Your Foundation”