Go At Life With Reckless Abandon

Having learned to believe in yourself and knowing your capabilities, give life all you have each time, every time and life will give back to you all it has to give each time, every time. Think of the feeling you would have if you were positive that you were on the right path and excited about living each day to its fullest. Think about being able to predict the outcome of particular events in your life. It’s called a Self-fulfilling Prophecy. Predicting or expecting that something will happen in a certain way, and the belief in that outcome causes you to act in a certain way, which causes the outcome you predicted. The truth is it’s up to you, so, live each day to its fullest.

Expect The Best In All That You Do – You Might Just Get It

In the book “Just Show Up”, I mentioned that I had the privilege and blessing of meeting and talking with Norman Vincent Peale. Basically, he spoke about having a positive attitude in life. These discussions had a direct effect on me personally. Not only did he highlight the power of positive thinking but, as one moves forward, there becomes the power of positive expectation. If you work hard at giving your best to yourself and others, you gain confidence that you will draw upon the best you have and, in return, receive the best that life has to offer. Look at things as you would look at a mirror. Life has a tendency of giving us what we give it.

You Can If You Think You Can

We become what we think about most of the time. If you think about being creative, you will create things. If you think about being productive, you will produce. If you have a clear understanding of what success is for you and you work towards it most of the time, you will be successful. If you can conceive an idea – believe in that idea – work positively toward that idea – you will achieve that idea. The key is don’t be distracted by anyone or anything that is not conducive to who you are and what you want to become or accomplish. Conceive – Believe – Achieve.

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