Why Attitude is Important in Attaining Success

Attitude is a very important ingredient to success. How we look at the gravity of a developing problem or situation affects our approach toward its solution. Failure or success is sometimes determined by how we conduct our affairs –  bravely or timidly, smartly or nonchalantly. Look to the highest peak and it is that mountain you will conquer, probably one step at a time.

A Situation Can Look Much Worse Than It Is

Being caught in the middle of a trying situation can be very overwhelming. In trying to stamp out the fire, we forget to be rational. The fear of escalating the problem to uncontrollable proportions can cause us to be quick on the trigger, which usually is counterproductive.  We feel so downhearted at the way things could turn out that we fail to see the magnificent opportunity lurking in the wings, just waiting to be discovered. Taking the time to pause and view the problem or the solution from another perspective can be the key to opening the windows of opportunity. A change to a more positive attitude will always energize you, setting you in the right direction.

View Time as a Valuable Commodity

Time management plays a most important role in our success. Having a lot of time on our hands can lead to procrastination. In the book, JUST SHOW UP, it is explained that the people who procrastinate are not contributing. It is especially tempting at work where we have control of the time that is allotted to us. Rather than treat every passing minute as precious, some tend to dilly-dally. People who succeed, view time as a precious commodity. The clock is always running and you can’t afford the let time run out.

Do Not Dwell on the Negatives

In every undertaking, there will always be naysayers. Projects can stall or fall apart because we keep listening to the chatter, the noise and we get distracted. It is wise to keep an open mind, but leaders should trust their instincts that gossip, at best, is energy-sucking and of no value. As I said, dwelling on the negatives is the sure way to fail.

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