Why We Should Thank Our Parents

We live in a world where the difference between success and failure is measured in millimeters. In a dog-eat-dog scenario, the one who comes out smiling and grinds out the victory is sometimes the person with the x-factor. That is why being unique as an individual and having the proper upbringing at home is very important. The role of parents has never been more significant when one’s success in life is on the line.

The Power of Heredity

Genes make us who we are. Experiences lead to who we become. The dominant gene determines the traits that are passed on to us by our parents. Our behavior, blood type, the color of the eyes, and most of the diseases that will hound us as we go through life are dictated by heredity. We are so unique that even identical twins who are split from the same embryo can be distinguished through their fingerprints. Our uniqueness makes us special. Yet, we often view it as either a blessing or a curse depending on how that uniqueness is accepted by the person and used as an asset and not as a liability. Our uniqueness is a gift that no one else has and it should be embraced and used for the greater good.

The Family Foundation

The home is where the heart is. Most of the time, the saying is true. In some extreme cases, the home may not be the typical shelter in a storm that family members have been told to expect. How our parents and loved ones treat us inevitably becomes our foundation. It can influence our approach to life’s multitude of storms – whether we exhibit fortitude and strength of character or whether we bend and break. Parents who take the time and effort to become examples and teachers of good behavior, along with moral values, should expect their loved ones to faithfully hold on to this behavior and values throughout their lives.   

Thank Your Parents Now – Honor them Always

Assume the family relationship was not abusive or toxic. If you have not yet expressed gratitude to your parents, it is high time to immediately do so. You may not realize it but what they have done for you deserves recognition and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to let them know the positive effect they have had on your life.

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