Tips to Avoid the Turkey Buzzards in Your Workplace

A turkey buzzard or a turkey vulture is a scavenger that uses its keen sense of smell to find fresh carcasses for food. Many of these animals have become accustomed to living near humans and snacking off their garbage. You can find them in farm fields or hanging out near the road, where they’ll feast on fresh road kill.

However, did you know that turkey buzzards are also in your workplace? While they don’t necessarily snack on carcasses, they feed on who they perceive as helpless. They feed on the misery and suffering of others as they rejoice in their target’s downfall.

If you’re wondering how to detect these work turkey buzzers, here are some key characteristics to take note of:

1. They are manipulative and will always find a scapegoat.

Work turkey vultures can be charming and engaging at first. However, this well-crafted facade enables them to detect or find weaknesses in their work prey. Once they notice a perceived weakness, they’ll start manipulating their prey by establishing their authority, turning the bosses against the employee, and finding a scapegoat.

2. They are indifferent to the welfare of others.

A work turkey buzzard only looks out for itself. However, a few have a close friend they ensure will stay by their side. While one work turkey buzzard is dangerous enough, a committee is even worse, so be careful.

3. They will never take accountability for mistakes.

Work turkey buzzards will take all the credit and acclaim that someone else did. However, when it comes to mistakes, they will deflect, deny, and outright lie even if they are at fault.

Tip: If you find these turkey buzzards in your workplace, keep a professional distance immediately. Refrain from sinking to their level and ensure your work and personal information are saved from their sharp talons.

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