How to Ennoble Instead of Empower

Many managers and team leaders often talk about empowering their employees. Empowering someone in their work means giving them the authority or power to do their jobs.

However, what about taking things further? In this case, why not ennoble them instead?

To ennoble someone in work, one must elevate or exalt someone in their position. Instead of simply giving them the permission or power to do their jobs, you can raise people to a level where they rule themselves and are not ruled by you. People naturally take responsibility and become accountable for their actions when this happens.

So, how do you ennoble someone? Ask them these essential questions:

1. What would you like to do? This question encourages people to see their skills and gauge their desire.

2. How would you like to do it? This question allows employees to formulate solutions that they can do instead of doing things by the book.

3. What do you want to accomplish? This inquiry empowers employees to think beyond just performing daily tasks and also set future goals.

Notice how these questions yield tangible solutions. They also gauge a person’s motive, figure out what they prefer to do in their job, and give them a goal to strive for.

After gathering essential data from these questions, you can figure out a solution that will reframe how a person sees their work.

When people feel they are responsible for overseeing their work, they develop a sense of purpose. Purpose is what helps a person appreciate their work. Younger people in the workforce need this sense of purpose to feel like they are making a difference in a person’s life. Whether you are a salesman or a fast-food worker, you’ll find that this sense of purpose gives more meaning to your work because you feel fulfilled no matter how “small” your job may seem.

Ennobling is empowerment but with purpose.

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