Life’s three S’s

There are ways to keep up with the journey that we all call ‘Life.’ Some may go about it one way, while others prefer to do it with a different approach. There is so much more to living life than what meets the eye and it takes a substantial amount of courage to see the reality of life from a perspective that gives us comfort and joy

Our defining moments and treasured memories all make life exciting, worthwhile and beautiful. The struggles we face might have played on us, through and through, without a second’s breath, but that also is part of life. You see good, and you see bad. Thus, let me introduce to you something I like to call The Three S’s of Life:


Life has its way of building on us.  Strengthening our roots with family and friends in our formative years will reflect our actions when we enter adulthood. Your life’s structure is yours and yours alone and we need to know what components make up our stronghold.


There is nothing more significant than the sweet smell of success, be it in achieving a medal or certificate or just accomplishing a challenging task at home or in the workplace. We live for both the tiny and major successes in life, and it is through those successes that we can keep going on, knowing we can conquer anything life throws at us.


One definition of happiness is being satisfied with what you have, what you’ve become and with whom you are surrounded. With your success comes great rewards, and with those rewards, some things may evoke in you a right to possess things, sometimes unnecessary luxuries. It would be best to remember that life is not a competition of owning the most property/things; it is, however, being the most our talents allow us to become.

These three S’s constitute a longing for the best, enrapturing life that seeks to fulfill all the aspects of living past contentment and into happiness. What we know may be limited to our experiences as we try to get through each day, searching for our true character. However, what we do not know can expand us to greater heights than we might imagine – going over and beyond what is expected of us or even what we thought possible. This is a true pleasure we all can share. Noteworthy, Life is Life, and it will give us nothing but opportunity and we must all learn to live it as we deem necessary.

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